Dredging services

Looking to build a beach on your Lake front property? Do you need dredging done in the lake? Our specialized equipment is perfect for these types of projects. We’ve helped thousands of waterfront property owners in the 17+ years our company has been operating.

Lakefronts & Canals

Having trouble with boat navigation due to built up muck and sediment? We can help! We can help with boat slips, boat launches, canals, lake fronts, and marinas. Boat navigation and being able to practice your riparian rights are the #1 reason we pull permits. Our specialized equipment such as our 60′ long reach excavator is perfect for removing sediment and these types of projects. We’ve helped thousands of waterfront property owners in the 17+ years our company has been operating. 

Revitalize your water feature with our expert pond dredging services. Our skilled team specializes in efficiently removing sediment, debris, and unwanted vegetation, restoring your pond to its optimal depth and beauty. Experience enhanced water quality and a revitalized ecosystem with our professional pond dredging services.

  • Boat Slip- Remove muck, weeds & sediments from years of build-up from your boat area
  • Canal Dredging– Remove sediments, muck, weeds and trees from canals to allow easy access to lake
  • Lake Front- Restore beach fronts on all waterfront by removing build-up, muck, sediments, vegetaion & repair sand erosion
  • Swimming Areas- Remove all muck from swimming areas and fill with sand

Unlock the potential of your waterways with our unrivaled expertise and cutting-edge equipment for canal dredging. Navigational waterways can lose their vitality due to the accumulation of stubborn muck and sediment over time. That’s where we come in, with a proven track record of revitalizing canals to their pristine, navigable state.

Our state-of-the-art dredging equipment is tailored to tackle even the toughest canal challenges. We’re not just removing sediment; we’re sculpting your canals to perfection, ensuring smooth navigation, and enhancing safety for all vessels.

But our commitment goes beyond efficiency – we’re dedicated to environmental responsibility. Our meticulous approach safeguards sensitive ecosystems and complies with all necessary permits and regulations.

Don’t let sediment buildup hinder your waterway’s potential. Choose a partner with a reputation for excellence in canal dredging. Contact us today to discuss how we can rejuvenate your canals and keep them in shipshape condition for years to come. Your waterways deserve the very best, and that’s precisely what we deliver.