At Schlicht Ponds, we take pride in offering top-notch pond services, backed by our state-of-the-art equipment designed to ensure exceptional results. Our impressive fleet includes specialized machinery like the Caterpillar 324 Long Reach, a powerhouse known for its efficiency in excavating ponds to perfection. With the right blend of expertise and cutting-edge tools, we guarantee precise and thorough digging that transforms your pond into a stunning focal point. Trust Schlicht Ponds to deliver unmatched quality through our commitment to having the finest equipment in the industry.

Caterpillar 324 Long Reach Excavator

This machine is a beast! This is our go-to machine for cleaning ponds & canals. The long reach can normally set on the bank of a body of water and reach the entire job, making pond digging far more efficient. This is a 65,000 lb unit and can reach 60′. We dig ponds throughout the state of Michigan, in order to service many customers at one time we’ve added 2 more long reach excavators to our fleet.  

Caterpillar 336E Excavator

This excavator is used for digging new ponds and assisting in carrying materials for our projects. It’s a newer excavator and we are happy its home is at Schlicht Ponds

Mini Excavator

Our Mini Excavator is the tool of choice fro maneuvering around on our smaller jobs. Commonly used fro: Pond Clean outs, Dirt Hauling, Rock Walls and a variety of other landscaping jobs.

Dino Six Dredge System

Our portable dredging unit is capable of digging up to 13ft below water level and pumping up to 1,500 GPM! This dredge is great for specialized pond clean outs and sediment removal.
The Dino Six is a unique dredge system developed to perform jobs we can’t reach or get to with our long reach excavator. We use it on all the hard-to-reach places on storm water detention ponds, marinas, golf courses, canals, and HOA ponds and lakes. It also helps reduce the mess made when dredging because all the spoils get pumped into a dewatering bag to dry out and hauled off later.