Learn about the Permitting Process

How Do You Know If A Permit Is Needed?

Every County and Township in Michigan has different rules and regulations on ponds. Some require a permit but most do not. We can look into permits for you or you can call your local offices. If they say you need a permit, make sure to ask them why? Ask what stipulations make you have a permit and ask where you can read the ordinance. We have been in the permit business a very long time and local governments are very quick to make you get a permit when in their rules it says nothing about them. 


How Do I Know If I Need A Permit From The State?

The States EGLE department requires a permit for any excavation within 500′ of a regulated waterway such as a lake, river, drain, or creek. A permit is also required if you are digging into 5 acres or more of continuous wetlands. Don’t let this information scare you! We have been in the pond business a very long time; we can help pull all permits. We have pulled 100’s of permits from the state! 

We Pull All Needed Permits! We Have Been Pulling Permits A Very Long Time! We Can Help!