Pond Design & Installation

Our team has the experience you need to dig and install your new pond. We’ve completed hundreds of pond installations across Michigan. Our dedication to quality and mission to make our customers happy is our number one priority. While there may be many pond builders in Michigan, we can assure you our team is the dedicated and knowledgeable and will guide you from start to finish on the pond installation process.

We can help you design a new pond to fit your space, budget and other wants and needs. Are you looking to swim in your pond? Would you like to stock your pond with fish? There are hundreds of options that we are able to go through. 

We have seen just about every scenario when it comes to ponds. We are your pond company, let us help guide you. Ponds and dredging are all we do, we will not dig your basement, install driveways, septic’s, ect. We spend all of our time and resources on pond and lake excavating. Ponds are what we love and that is why we dedicated all of our resources to them. Not just any company is capable of digging your pond. Hire the best first. 

We thank you in advance for choosing Schlicht Ponds.

pond with gazebo